Point-Of-Two: The Selection by Kiera Cass

10507293Title: The Selection

Author: Kiera Cass

Series: The Selection #1

Genre: YA, Dystopia, Romance

Format: Published April 24th 2012 by HarperTeen

Source: Own copy, bought in Fullybooked

“Yes, Maxon,” I whispered. “It’s possible.”

My Summary:

Being 1 of the 35 Selected girls is a dream come true for any girl in the whole nation except for America. She wants nothing to do with the Selection, the Palace and especially Prince Maxon. She just wants to continue living her secret love affair with Aspen who is a caste lower than her.

But to her dismay, she was selected and meets Prince Maxon. He wasn’t what she thought he was at all. Her plans start to change.

From wanting nothing to do with The Selection, she starts to realize maybe she’s where she belongs.

Our Thoughts:

Erika: I’ll start by saying how much I love the cover of this book. It’s what got me attracted to it in the first place. The dress is just so gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to read this for the longest time but I didn’t want to read it without having all the three books first cause I can’t handle cliffhangers and with my sister’s nonstop rave about how much I’ll like this book when I finally had all the books, the journey starts.

Miedjel: The Selection starts with America, the lead female, who comes from a poor family because in the world of the Selection there are castes from 1-8. 1 is royalty and 8 is poor as dust then the people in between. They have this annual thing that when the heir of the royal family is ready to get married, they host a Selection. Where girls all over Illea from any castes gets to enter their name in the Selection then 35 girls will be picked and one of those girls would be the next princess/queen.

Erika: At first America is so freaking stubborn that I just want to go there myself and sign the application form for her. Any girl with a beating heart would want Prince Maxon, I will not go on denying how much I love him so it annoys me how whiny she is. Just sign it, America!

Miedjel: America enters here name in this competition even though she doesn’t want to and you’ll find out why once you read this book. After her name is called as being one of the Selected girls her life turns upside down literally from being a commoner to being treated and pampered like a princess. America is very shocked and overwhelmed with everything that just happened I mean come on who wouldn’t right?!

“America, I’m suppose to be providing for you. It’s humiliating for me to come here and have you do all this for me.”

Erika: Aspen, I have mixed feelings about this guy. First, he shows so much passion towards America which I love then she makes a big deal about food. FOOD of all things. Really Aspen? That is so lame. SO I start getting annoyed with him cause hello, America just wants to surprise you and you make a big deal out of it and break up with her. Then of course, you’re going to want her back. It’s too late Aspen. America has ridden on the boat to Prince Maxon so just let them be happy and disappear. K. Thanks. Bye.

Miedjel: We have Prince Maxon who is amazing, caring and very cute. He is also smart and forgiving. I mean I love the other girls (more like a girl, Marlee) but then I prefer him with America cause their like a perfect pair you know and they have a very cute ship name— Maxerica I mean come on what would me and Maxon’s ship name be Maxjel? Hahahahaha!

“You ask for such simple things. I can’t deny you. But for my sake, only on Saturdays, please. Thank you for your company. Your Friend, Maxon”

Erika: Well, their ship name does have an erica in it just with a c but I’ll change it to a k now. There new ship name is Maxerika. (i try)

Oh. God. Oh. God. Oh. God. Prince Maxon. I’m in love. He’s so sweet and gentle and cute. I want to marry him. I want to be the ONE. (Okay, Aspen, so I kind of changed my mind. You go get America back so I can keep Maxon for myself. Deal?) I swear you guys when you read about him, you will more than swoon. You will quantuple swoon.

“Im sorry, America. I dont…” His face shifted a little. “Is this a good time to pat your shoulder?” 

His uncertainty made me smile. “Yes. Now would be a great time.”

They start off saying that they will just be “friends”. Friends my butt and see who believes. Gosh, America and Maxon! Your accepting that friendship status is so hilarious cause I (and the whole world) know it’s not true and I don’t want it to be true.

The first time they meet. The kiss. The special treatments. Take me now, Lord. I’m ready. I can’t take how sweet Maxon is. The way he speaks… he doesn’t contract words and uses shall and calls them, “dear”. He’s honestly one of my favorite Princes so far.

Miedjel: Now, I haven’t really described America so here I go. America is a strong person and I like that she isn’t pretty, pretty like Cara Delavigne pretty but just normal pretty. America makes decisions in this whole series that for me is really brave but some may disagree otherwise… I mean some of the things she does I wouldn’t even think of doing. 

Erika: America is the kind of pretty that she doesn’t know she’s pretty and she sings and plays all the instruments. It’s impossible for a man not to fall in love with her. You will just feel how pretty she is with the whole world saying it sooo good luck other 34 Selected. (Run while you still have the chance to stop the further humiliation.)

I feel pity for all the other 34 girls.. My message: You don’t have a chance. The moment they met. Game over. We have one girl her name is Celeste and she’s hilarious. She’s so jealous of America and so she tries to pull some stunts just to get Prince Maxon’s attention. Really pathetic, Celeste. I love you for the entertainment factor you bring.

We have the rebels who just keep on attacking. They’re obviously looking for something but what is it? It’s funny how they just suddenly appear and I’m like stop ruining everything rebels. Go away!

“Oh, yes. She’s still here,” Maxon said, not letting his eyes wander from Gavril’s face. “And I plan on keeping her here for quite a while.”

Miedjel: For me, The Selection is just like a chick lit. Care free, fun with a little bit of drama. So I absolutely recommend this book to you! I’ve read this like a bajillion times and I love it every single time. I still react in the places I reacted the first time I read it which for me is hilarious. SO READ THIS BOOK NOW! ITS WORTH IT!

Erika: I love how even though this is a dystopia, it doesn’t stress me at all. It’s the kind of book I’ll just be happy and swoony all through out. It’s like the contemporary version of a dystopia. The plot is very simple and that’s what I like about it! You’ll just really enjoy this book so go and read it! I have to say that I’m glad I’m not America cause believe me, if I was her the Selection would have ended in like Chapter 10.

Happy Reading!!



18 thoughts on “Point-Of-Two: The Selection by Kiera Cass

      • Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard says:

        I find it so cute & sweet that both of you happen to have the same passion in reading & writing. 🙂 Having a blog that is managed by two people is already an accomplishment. I couldn’t just imagine how the two of you collaborate and deal with decision making (layout, content, theme, customization). So, I guess that alone deserves a compliment.

        Both of you are beautiful, by the way. And I mean it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂 ❤

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      • partnersinbooks says:

        I just want to make sure ants have not eaten your whole being because you are just sooooooo sweet. Honestly though, I’m the older one so I get older sister perks *wink wink* And we’re kinda the same how we like things like pink and girly lol so it was easy to pick a theme! Originally, it was really Miedjel who likes to read but then she introduced me to Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (Have you read that?) and from then on I didn’t stop reading. 🙂 What book started your love for reading???? Thank you Giselle. I know I only met you for like 3 days but I think I love you (was that too fast?) :)) and your my new bff! You love books and your kind! Seriously, your review is the first time I’ve read a review that actually made my heart ache so much. It made me teary eyed…. Looking forward to reading more of yours as well! 😀

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      • Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard says:

        So you’re Erika, right? I haven’t read Clockwork Angel & Infernal Devices yet because they’re series and i did end up putting it on hold for now, cause I’m focusing more on standalones. If I have some free time, i wanted to focus on her books (Cassandra’s) . The movie adaptation sucks but I know I’m going to like her books even before I read it, if that makes any sense. lol.
        I started reading novels when I was a freshman in high school. Back then, YA books were not rampant. Mostly mystery/crime thrillers genre. And I loved reading mystery/crime books! Usually books written by Jonathan Kellerman, James patterson & grisham. I loved guess-who’s-the-killer plot! And of course, the BOB ONG phenomena. But what really inspired me to read other novels started after I finished reading Nicholas Sparks & Mitch Albom books. As a result, I consumed books day and night. Since then, I find YA books very interesting and creative with their story; factors that are often lacking in adult novels.

        Thank you again Erika & Miedjel for following my blog and for the support. It means a lot to me. I am more into genuine connection rather than the superficial hi’s and hello’s. Plus, I really enjoyed book discussion because some of my friends are not into books. 🙂


      • partnersinbooks says:

        Yup, I’m Erika. Yes, the movie adaptation sucked but I did like Lily Collins (I’m kinda biased when it comes to her) I like TID better than TMI, tbh. It has more feels and the main guy is waaaaaaay hotter lol. It’s set in the Victorian Era so like even a touch of a hand is a HUGE deal. It’s refreshing to read those kinds of novels! I can’t wait for you to read her books though. Notify me ASAP. We will talk and you will need me and my shoulders. We have four shoulders so I think that’s more than enough. lol I’ve always wanted to read a James Paterson book but he has so many and it’s like where do I start?! So you like Gillian Flynn’s books? I haven’t read any of her books but I’m certainly planning to. Gone Girl the movie was horrifyingly amazing. I’m like WTF Amy. Have you tried reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer? It has that thiller factor you might like! Which Nicholas Spark book is that? I’ve only read on of his and it’s A Walk To Remember! I was sooo obsessed with the movie. I feel like I watched it about 20 times so I wanted to read it. I cried. It was soooo good. I’ve watched all his films though, except the latest one. I love them all! Which is your fav Nicholas Sparks? Don’t even get me started with Tuesdays with Morrie. THAT BOOK RUINED ME. It so life changing! I’m not a cryer at all but those two books made me cry… YA FOR LIFE! Yeah, I love how we get to connect to each other through books! The best feeling ever. We will always be here for you (with four shoulders remember that)! You’re very welcome. I believe they just haven’t found the right book 😉

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      • partnersinbooks says:

        I wish WordPress has some kind of chat box or something! I’d be so much better so if I needed to talk to you, I could instantly just like chat you!!!!
        1. YES YOU DO. YOU NEED TO PICK UP TID ESPECIALLY. Go check out Matthew Daddario (he’s my latest crush) he’s playing one of her characters in the book. SO HOT. Also, Nick Robinson is my love. Have you watched Jurrasic Park? He’s the older brother. He’s always playing along side Chloe in The Fifth Wave! Speaking of have you read that? How about If I Stay? Did you watch the movie???
        2. That is alot of books! I will give him a try soon. 🙂
        3. I didn’t know The Dark Places was gonna be a movie!!!! Can’t wait. Have you read all her books? I need to get on that boat. Stat!
        4. I also need to get into the Nicholas boat. I am a hopeless romantic so I’m sure I’ll love all his books. People have been recommending him to me so much!
        5. I haven’t read that one! I will soon. I also want to read Five People You Meet in Heaven. The movie adaptation was so good!!!
        6. I’m sorry I put you in that torture. Asking a person they’re favorite book is the worst thing ever… so i’d just have to read them all
        7. OMG! YES! I love Love Rosie the movie BUT it did not do the book justice. The book was soooooo good! THOUGH SAM CHAFLIN & LILY COLLINS ARE JUST LOVE. They’re perfect.
        8. Speaking of Sam. He is also playing alongside Emilia Clarke for the movie adaptation of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes! Have you read that? I heard such good things about it! Now, that Khaleesi has been spoken of… Do you watch Game of Thrones?!

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      • Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard says:

        Dear WordPress,
        Kindly have a chat box for WP users; have some decency and allow us to efficiently communicate with each other! I have just found my two long lost sisters here on Earth! Why you gotta be so rude, lalalala?

        Dear Erika & Miedjel,
        I just hope that both of you are my neighbors so i could visit your room anytime and we could talk for hours!

        1. I already added the book on my TBR list so that worry. 🙂 I can’t wait to read all your rec.
        2. Check out the trailer of the Dark Places, it’s very intriguing Chloe Grace Moretz is also included in the movie.
        I haven’t read any of Flynn’s & Rick Yancey’s book but I am looking forward to reading their novels especially the fifth wave series.
        3. yes please. Try any of the Nicholas Sparks’s novels! It was stereotypical to say that most of NS books were centered around the happily ever afters and endless love but in reality most of it were very tragic and very realistic.
        4. Yes. I watched If I Stay and I really liked Chloe Moretz, I find her very beautiful however, I hate to say this but Gayle Forman’s books were just not for me. I’ve read If I Stay, Where She Went and I was Here but I didn’t like it as much as the other did. (sorry…)
        5. Five people you meet.. is a highly recommended book for me. I could read it over & over again and still have the same feeling. Try it and write a review for me.
        6. I watched Love, Rosie and it’s freaking good just when you thought they could be with each other, some unavoidable circumstance will happen! urggh! I loved Sam and his character as Finnick Odair in HG, he’s such a sweetheart! ❤
        7. Really?? Another film adap for Me Before You same with Me, Earl and the Dying Girl? I haven't read the book. Have you? Was it good?
        8. My sister really liked Game of T. but I haven't watched it and I know it seems like I'm the only person on Earth who haven't watched the movie yet. I'll give it a try soon and I'd like to meet Jon Snow (Juan Nyebe) & Khaleesi. 🙂
        9. Have you read All the Bright Places, I just finished it and it was so so good. I rated it with 5 stars and will soon write a review for it!
        P.S. I'll send a FR on goodreads.

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      • partnersinbooks says:

        Do you think if I get 100 people to sign that, it will work? I KNOW RIGHT. If we were neighbors, that be the best thing ever.
        I think I found a solution to our problem… Twitter!! I need to add you ASAP.
        1. OMG. Okay. I’ll watch the trailer. I love Chloe but what is up with people?! They keep recasting the SAME people to be in book to movie adaptations. Is Hollywood lacking actors already?!
        2. Yeah, its like when you mention NS books the automatic thing people say is that it’s sappy and cliche and stuff like that. *sigh*
        3. Don’t say sorry! There will always be book differences! What is it though you didn’t like about Gayle’s books?! My fav among all has to be Where She Went!
        4. Okay, Five People is def on my tbr also one more day (was that right?)
        5. Did you read the book though? WAAAYYYY better than the movie!!! Yes Sam is love.
        6. I haven’t read both those books. Have you read Earl? But Me Before You is on the top of my TBR. They say it is EXTREMELY heartbreaking.
        7. YES PLEaSE WATCH GoT. You will die. The intensity and feels are real. I’m so in love with Khaleesi. Seriously when I see her, I will not hesitate and actually bow down to her. No questions. HAHAHAHAHA Juan Nyebe. “Wala kang alam, Juan Nyebe” its one of the most famous lines GoT. PLEASE do tell me when you’ve watched it. AHHHHHHHHH Sobrang intense as in. I’ve been wanting to read the book but I feel like it’s such a huge undertaking!!!
        8. OMG! I didn’t know you were Filipino!!! YEHEY. I’m really happy! THIS IS AMAZING NEWS. Are you a student or do you work na?? 🙂
        9. I did read it! I also really like it but not really love. I don’t know if it’s because when I read it, I was so busy sa school and it took me like almost 1 month to finish it so like when I would read it, parang napuputol ung emotions ko. And I would tend to forget some parts na. And I don’t know but I feel like suicide was taken so lightly parang sobrang biglaan?! I loved Finch so freaking much too. Violet Remark-abley? (is that correct hahahaha kinda forgot it but his nickname is really cute) and this book has a lot of quotable quotes. I’m planning on rereading it though and giving it a second chance. haven’t written a review about it pa;
        10. Have you read the Throne of Glass series? Planning to binge read it before Queen of Shadows comes out! 🙂
        Already accepted your friend request! 😉

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      • Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard says:

        1. I think they are using actors & actresses that are already famous or have been on a previous movie, so advertisement would be easy & manageable. I think it’s their marketing strat. For instance, Shailene Woodley who gained commercial success when cast as Tris Prior & Hazel L. And also Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. I only watched the movie because it’s Angelina Jolie though I wasn’t that impressed with the story. I think actors/actress who played a major role in a film has a great impact in the story.
        2. I have had issues with Gayle Forman’s writing style. I loved the premise of If I Stay though and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad but I guess her books were not my cup of tea. I am more into the writing style & execution more than the story itself.
        3. Yes. Five People is highly recommended!
        4. I need to read Me Before You. I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews on her books! I need to read it before I watch the movie.
        5. It was so funny! I thought you knew i was a Filipino! “Manahimik ka, Juan Nyebe” inis na inis ako kapag tinatagalog nila yung mga foreign films. Nababanas lang ako kasi minsan hindi nila nakukuha yung tamang emosyon eh.
        6. Yes! Super happy na malaman na marami pa lang Filipino bloggers. I’m working na, I’m a psych graduate. Kayo ba ni Miedjel? What course?
        7. You should read it continuously. Gusto ko yung style Niven. I think nasa character ni Finch na gawing biro ang pagkitil sa buhay para hindi siya na makadraw ng attention. Ginawa niyang pangcover yon o pang front niya lang para hindi malaman ng mga tao na broken siya inside. I’ll post a book review about it, Ang issue ko lang don ay yung diagnosis niya na Bipolar Disorder kasi hindi masyado nafocus sa symptoms. Walang masyadong emphasis sa story na maggaguarantee na may BD siya. Ou may manic episodes siya na nagtatatakbo siya ng malayo, may depressed state din. pero wala masyadong racing thoughts unlike sa movie na Silver Linings. SIguro magkaiba kasi ng focus ung sa book more on sa teenager.
        8. Yes, I wanted to read that one. Super! Madami akong naririnig na goo reviews even on booktube. Puro standalones muna kasi ako masyado kasi mahaba. Saka gusto ko din bigyan ng oras ang mga Austen classics & Filipino literary works. Haharapin ko yang sila Sarah J. Maas, VE Schwab, Rick Riordan, Clare, RIchelle Mead, Libba Bray, Sophiekinsella, George RR. Martin, Marissa M, JL Armentrout, mga darkest mind trilogy na yan. Patay saken yang mga yan. Hahah

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      • partnersinbooks says:

        1. Definitely true but I don’t really like it! It’s like when I see Shailene I want her to be just one character not a million…. YES, ANGELINA. My gosh. Love that girl so freaking much! She is the best. Her acting was great though and I’m a fan of fairytales. 🙂
        3. I didn’t know! HAHAHAHAH. I was always so tempted to type “na” or “ba” but then I would change it. I KNOW RIGHT. Sorry not sorry but I freaking hate the Filipino translated books. The first time I saw one I was like, “Serioso ba to?!” Then we started reading some parts… Sobrang nakakatawa. And benta eh especially ung 50 Shades. HAHAHAHAHA.
        4. I study in Benilde! I’m taking up Film! Kakatransfer ko lang actually so medyo hassle life ko especially because of the creditation. THE WORST THING EVER. Can you imagine I had to repeat all my Theo classes?! THE WORST. Miedjel is just in HS. She wants to take up AB Lit though. I’ve always been interested in Psych! Just because I love how the mind works and all the disorders. It interests me so freaking much!!!
        5. Yeah, I think your right. Hindi nga masyado na tackle ung BD. Parang I think medyo aassume mo na lang un kasi he’s so hot and cold and also the suicide at the end. and the thing that he sleeps for hours? Why is that? I watched the Silver Linings Playbook! I loved that. Haven’t read the book though. Have you????
        6. HAHAHAHAAHAH Natawa naman ako dun sa “haharapin ko yan. Patay sakin yan” I want to read classics to! Kaso I feel like it’s so overwhelming because it’s soooo thick! Which classic would you recommend?? And what Fil. literary works do you read???
        7. Paper Towns is out na!!! Have you seen it? I’m so excited cause CARA!!! LOVE HER. Have you read it???? 🙂

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      • Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard says:

        1. i love Angelina too! Most awesome woman on Earth.
        2. YES! YES! YES! Just tell me when.
        3. HAHAHAHA. Natawa din ako nung mabasa ko yung comment mo na di mo alam, hahaha.
        4. Seriously, I only took Theo class once and ours was a bit boring. That’s so sad. So irregular stud ka? Wow. buti napagsasabay mo pa ang study, blogging at reading!
        That’s why I love books that tackle psych phenomena.
        5. I agree. “Inassume nga” dahil sa mga visible symptoms. When you’re in a drepressive states, too much sleeping is really involve.
        6. i wanted to give it a try (classics). Pero paguumpisahan ko na, mga 2 paragraphs lang antok na ko! hahaha. Saka very tricky ang magreview ng mga literary giant.
        7. Some of rogelio sicat’s work, domingo landicho’s “Anak ng Lupa” and I want to try Edgar Samar’s books too particulary “Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog.”
        8. Same here! I love Cara! Have you watched Bad Blood music video? I ahven’t watched Paper Towns but I am very excited because my new found crush for this month is Nat Wolff. Last month was Jennifer Aniston, next month will be different.

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      • partnersinbooks says:

        1. Okay so we’re buddy reading Me Before You? Am I right??? lol Have to buy the book first!
        2. ONCE! Are you kidding?! Akala ko required siya 4 classes sa kahit anong course! UNFAIR :(( Yeah, irreg na. So different from my reg life before but it’s really fun. Kasi pag reg. always the same classmates right? Ngayon, every freaking class iba friends ko. It’s great though. I get to meet so many new people!
        3. Actually, I started blogging at Tumblr for like a year pero I was like serious blogging lang for 4 to 6months after that hindi na kaya cause I’m so busy with school but now I just moved her and its the freaking best. I love WordPress very much. People interact here more. ❤
        4. I know right. I don't think ill write a review after I read a classic (if I ever do get around) I don't want to sound pretentious hahahah feel ko kung ano ano lang sasabihin ko. I don't get how people get through classics. It's just too heavy for my taste.
        5. Okay, medyo dinugo ako dun sa mga Fil. Recs mo. HAHAHAHA I feel like pag binasa ko yan wala ako maiintindihan!
        6. YES OMG BAD BLOOD MUSIC VIDEO IS LIFE!!! I feel like it was a movie trailer. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I haven't watched Paper Towns but maybe later I will! I absolutely love Jen Anniston! She is one of my favs. Especially in Just Go With it!!! UGH. LOVE HER THERE!!!! What are her other movies again??? I love how you have monthly crushes!! I think my crush last month was Nick Robinson (CUTIE) and this month Matthew Daddario (HOTTIE). Please do update me with your monthly crushes!!! ❤

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      • Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard says:

        1. Yes! Let’s start reading it. Just tell me when. So excited to read it.
        2. Okay din ang irreg marami kang magiging friends kaya lang hindi agad mapepermanent yung mga classmate mo compared kung reg student ka. And kung mahaba ang break mo sa next class mahirap ng walang kasama. Anyway, malalagpasan mo din yan. Mas magiging independent ka.
        2. I love WP too. Before I started a blog sa blogspot, naging req lang sa school dati pero hindi nagustuhan yung layout. kasi ikaw talaga magcucustomize. Unlike sa WP, may guidance ka, mamimili ka na lang talaga ng themes and widgets. Saka for me, mas mukhang professional ang look ng WP compared sa blogspot. I never had a tumblr account so I have no idea but a lot of my friends have and it looks fun. Most of the bloggers here alam ko nagtumblr muna. Feeling ko kasi medyo limited sa tmblr pero dito worldwide talaga interaction walang limit sa post. And Im so glad to meet another fellow Filipino book blogger like you.
        4. I agree! I don’t think kaya ko ding magreview. Medyo tricky yon. Mahirap magsalita sa isang bagay na hindi ko naintindihan. Puro metaphors at allegory ang classic na baka iba ang interpretation ko sa intensyon nung awtor. Pero I wanted to try To kill mockingbird saka go set a watchman ni harper lee hindi para magmukhang intelektwal pero dagdag experience db. Gusto ko maexperience yung storya niya. Hindi ako makarelate dun sa iba. hahah.
        5. Naku, just try Fil lit. di ka magkakamali. ngayon kasi disappointed ako sa mga contemporary filipino works. yung mga diary ng panget na yan saka talk back chuchu. i don’t want to sound mean i appreciate their work pero naisip ko, hala ito na ba pinagkakaguluhan ng mga kabataan ngayon?? (sorry for the term) puro papbb teens?? Ipagsisindi ko ng kandila ang pagkamatay ng national best selling books sa pilipinas. ***sorry! (dala ng kolonyal na utak) 🙂
        6. I love Taylor’s music lalo na 1989. Ibang atake na yon. 🙂 I already have the copy of Dark Places ni Gillian Flynn saka longest ride, i wanted to read the book before i watch the movie kaya nagtitimpi talaga ko.. hehe. i love j,aniston too. Have you “we are the millers?” grabe ang funny and ang sexy niya dun! Nakakatawa ung movie sobra, twice ko yata napanuod yun. I need to google your crushes, not familiar, haha. how about fictional characters aside from will herondale? lahat yata ng book blogger na nakita ko siya ultimate crush. Ako na lang ang di pa nakakasakay sa boat ng shadowhunters. 🙂

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      • partnersinbooks says:

        1. I KNOW. I’m currently fixing my own sched and it’s a freaking struggle. Unahan pa parang Hunger Games. Ang weird. Isn’t everyone suppose to have a slot? UGH. You’re right though, you get to meet a lot of people. 🙂
        2. Tumblr is honestly more of a reblog kind of thing. You’re not allowed to comment. Though it’s great na ready set up, I actually want to customize kasi gusto ko mag design na cute hahahaha
        3. Actually, people are saying na nice nga daw and how to kill a mocking bird. Gusto ko rin un e read pati Jellicoe road and Catcher in the Rye.
        4. HAHAHAHAH TRUE but i did like the movies (sorry I’m so hopeless romantic and I love Jadine hahahah) but yeah the literature were putting out sobrang nothing compared sa ibang places. Parang walang substance kasi puro kalandian and kaartihan lang. JUSKO PBB. I used to watch that pero ngayon… hay. Never mind.
        5. Yeah, I love TSwift’s 1989 but at the same time I miss her country vibe. I’ve been listening to her first albums actually mga “Our Song” “Teardrops on our Guitar”
        6. Once lumabas na ung movie, I’m never able to read the book before watching it kasi sobrang hindi na ako makatiis. HAHAHAH speaking of I’ve watched Paper Towns na! I LOVED IT!!!! Cara and Nat are so cute.
        And yes I’ve watched The Millers so many times. Sobrang benta and yes Jen is so sexy even when she’s old and all ang glam pa rin niya. ❤
        7. WILL HERONDALE IS THE BEST THING EVER. He is my first ever book crush. Sumakay ka na!! GO!!!!! You will not regret it. ❤
        Aside from him, I love Warner from Shatter Me Series, Noah Shaw from Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Ren from Tiger's Curse, Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss, Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn (those are the men on the top of my head) How about it??? Have you read this books????
        Also, I watched Mission Impossible GANDA!!!! SO AWESOME. TOM STILL GOT IT ❤


      • Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard says:

        Seriously Erika, we have a lot to talk about! It’s insane! I dont know where to start. I’m using my phone right now so i need to type faster.
        1. Holy crap.Book haul is growing and i need to pick up tmi and tid considering your reactions and the hype on her books!
        2. James patterson is such a prolific writer! He has 96 books in total. I loved his Alex Cross series. I haven’t finished it yet because it’s 22 books in total and that’scrazy.
        3. I watched gone girl too and rosamund pike’s acting was very convincing! The twist alone will eat you alive. And the dark places by flynn is another movie to watch out for.
        4. A walk to remember, the notebook, the wedding, safe haven, message in a bottle, best of me were the books I had finished reading. All of them were highly recommended. I read ATR when i was in HS and since then i became so hooked in reading because of that i don’t have any social life.
        5. And damn! I just want to fist bump mitch albom for his craft. He is my all time fav author and my auto-buy-author. He definitely knows where to hit you right in the feels. Have you read “for one more day?” You’ll love it for sure.
        6. Anyway, as for the fav. Nicholas sparks’s books, please don’t ask me that would be torture! All of them were so freaking good. And i’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews with his latest film adap. The longest ride so i think we also need to check that one.

        Liked by 1 person

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