Bookish Adventures: Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs and Veronica Rossi’s Book Signing Tour

Throwback to our very first book signing! 04/26/14


Erika: We’ve been looking forward to this event since we knew about it, so before the day (April 26) arrived we planned what time we would be there so we could be first in line. We were saying that we should arrive at around 7:30am to 8am– for sure we would be in front of the line because the mall doesn’t even open till 10am.


Erika: We woke up 6am (which kind of sucks because it’s summer for us and I slept at around 3am so I only had 3 hours of sleep but the adrenaline was pretty much pumping which was the reason I was able to look alive the whole day)

Miedjel: Yeah, I slept around the same time and I agree the only reason I was still walking was the adrenaline but the looking alive part I’m not sure… I think I was just a walking zombie. In case you didn’t notice, I’m not a morning person.

Erika: I know, Miedjel. I know… When we arrived, our worst nightmare happened. The line was so freaking long!

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