Game of Thrones Book Tag

For this Book Tag, we collaborated with Jessica who is a huge Game of Thrones fan too! (Miedjel is not old enough to watch this sooo…)

Here we go!khaleesii

[Okay, we’re going a bit (maybe a lot) crazy so just pick a character who is very powerful]

Jessica: Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas)

I chose Celaena because I feel like she is the only one worthy enough to be compared to the amazing Daenerys Targeryen. Here are my reasons why: She is DROP DEAD FREAKING GORGEOUS (literally!!!!), The biggest badass in all the kingdoms (She could take anyone down without even blinking), Clever/witty/cunning, independent (She needs no one! Especially not a man!), and of course she is a Queen herself — no one can resist her charm, beauty, and the fire in her blood that just makes you want to bow down. Sound familiar? *wink wink* Honestly, I could go on and on about how awesome Celaena is but then I wouldn’t have room to write about the other characters so this will have to do…..for now

Erika: For Khaleesi, I chose Juliette (Iginte Me by Tahereh Mafi)

Ultimately, let’s look at the character development— from a weakling, a no one can touch me because they will die girl to a okay, I DARE you to touch me girl who rules the world. She is also very beautiful and powerful.

When Jessy said, “She needs no one.” I instantly remembered Arya, “I am no one.” (you really know GoT is ruining my life)

Side not: I love Khaleesi so very much that when I see her anywhere I will bow down to her, I will be on my knees. *serious face*

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