Hi! We are sister bloggers. If you are interested in us reviewing your books email us at

We do three types of reviews:

  1. Erika’s POV (point-of-view) where I, Erika, review books for older readers such as New Adult books. Books that are under the genre of Contemporary, Romance are my forte. I also like Young Adult, Fantasy & Dystopia. Overall, I will only review in this format if I am the only one interested and not my sister or if their are contents that she is not yet allowed to read.
  2. Miedjel’s POV (point-of-view) where I, Miedjel, review books for younger readers. Books that are under the genre of Fantasy, Paranormal & Mythology are my forte. I like Young Adult, Dystopia, Contemporary, Romance as well. Overall, I will only review in this format if I am the only one interested and not my sister.
  3. Point-of-Two where we review together. As much as possible, we do our reviews in this format because we practically like the same genres (YA, Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, Dystopia, Paranormal) but their are just other genres that one of us likes better. We will be reviewing each book from two different perspectives. We do our reviews in a chat format. Most importantly, we will be using this format to review books we both like.

We will be choosing which format to review your books based on the things we have stated above but if you have any particular request, we will hear you out.

We accept E-books, paperback, hardback copies of books.

The plus side for us reviewing your books is getting two opinions/views with just one review. We want to be able to reach both spectrum of the reading community— the younger and older readers. We try to be as relatable as we can. We are not very critical with our reviews. We mostly write about how we felt while reading, how we relate to the characters, what we liked and didn’t like.

The format of our review:

  • image of the book cover
  • title&author
  • series info
  • genre
  • date of pub.
  • publisher
  • pages
  • summary
  • thoughts (all our opinions)
  • our rating (5 being the highest; 1 the lowest)

We will be honest in our reviews. The majority of them will be positive since we don’t read books that don’t appeal to us but if we do write about a book we didn’t like we will be careful with our words as not to offend any authors/publishers.

We are very fast readers. In a normal day without commitments, we usually read a book a day but if we are busy, we finish it in a week or two. We are girls of our word. Once we commit that we will review your book, we surely will. 100% guaranteed.

We are willing to post our review when the author/ publisher pleases but we need time to read the books. We should at least receive the book a month or two before the said date because their will be two of us reading it. Because we also review books we buy ourselves on a regular basis, it would be best to say when beforehand so we can adjust our to-be-reviewed books.

We promise to review all the books that we request but for the books that we didn’t request for, we reserve the right not to review them. But believe us when we say that we will do our very best to review them.

We will also be posting our review in our Goodreads, WordPress and Tumblr account.

We will respond to all review requests even to the books we don’t like.

If you have any other inquries regarding our policy don’t hesitate to email us.

Have a good day!

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  1. readersandmore says:

    Hello! I had no idea there were two people running this blog! I do book reviews for YA and closer to Children’s level books only. You put a lot more thought into your book reviews. I do a summary, rating out of 10, 5 stars or both, a picture, and if I would recommend it. I love your blog and might follow 🙂 I have a What I’m Reading Wednesday’s which is where I review two books I’m reading or recently finished.

    Liked by 1 person

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