Miedjel’s Poetry

great love

I remember the first time you said you love me,

I knew at that time you truly did. I didn’t think twice when you said those three sacred words.

I just believed.

I didn’t have to see the sincerity in your eyes,

the truth in your voice,

every gentle touch.

I just knew you did.

I just believed, cause I loved you too.

But I also remember when you left,

the confusion,

the hole in my heart,

the anger,

the sadness,

the thought that maybe you just needed space,

but then you never came back.

The questions came.

Why did you leave?

Wasn’t I enough?

Did I do something wrong?

Every night, I just cried myself to sleep.

Then I realized after so many months that there were signs,

the shine in your eyes were dimming,

the love in your eyes were slowly seeping away,

maybe I knew what was happening…  I just didn’t want it to. So I ignored it.

Then I realized,

you didnt leave, the love left,

but mine stayed.

Striving to live,

holding too tight on my heart,

that it hurts.

When will the love leave?




When it does, I’ll be thinking of you without the sorrow my heart once carried.

Then Ill tell my future children,

our stories,

our adventures,

our great love.

It might not have been a forever love,

but it was a great love.

© Miedjel

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