Game of Thrones Book Tag

For this Book Tag, we collaborated with Jessica who is a huge Game of Thrones fan too! (Miedjel is not old enough to watch this sooo…)

Here we go!khaleesii

[Okay, we’re going a bit (maybe a lot) crazy so just pick a character who is very powerful]

Jessica: Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas)

I chose Celaena because I feel like she is the only one worthy enough to be compared to the amazing Daenerys Targeryen. Here are my reasons why: She is DROP DEAD FREAKING GORGEOUS (literally!!!!), The biggest badass in all the kingdoms (She could take anyone down without even blinking), Clever/witty/cunning, independent (She needs no one! Especially not a man!), and of course she is a Queen herself — no one can resist her charm, beauty, and the fire in her blood that just makes you want to bow down. Sound familiar? *wink wink* Honestly, I could go on and on about how awesome Celaena is but then I wouldn’t have room to write about the other characters so this will have to do…..for now

Erika: For Khaleesi, I chose Juliette (Iginte Me by Tahereh Mafi)

Ultimately, let’s look at the character development— from a weakling, a no one can touch me because they will die girl to a okay, I DARE you to touch me girl who rules the world. She is also very beautiful and powerful.

When Jessy said, “She needs no one.” I instantly remembered Arya, “I am no one.” (you really know GoT is ruining my life)

Side not: I love Khaleesi so very much that when I see her anywhere I will bow down to her, I will be on my knees. *serious face*


[a character who experienced the death of their first love]

Jessica: Phoenix (Empower by Jessica Shirvington)

Oh come on, you guys!!! Every time I think about Phoenix I can’t help but burst into tears at what happens to him at the end of the series! I’m sure those who have read this series would agree with me. I chose Phoenix because he fell in love with someone he wasn’t supposed to just like Jon Snow did. He hoped that despite the fact that they were on opposite sides, their love story wasn’t doomed from the beginning. He hoped to have a future with her — a future wherein there were no more choosing sides because the only “side” that mattered to him was being by her side. I’m getting all cheesy, I know, I’m sorry. So that’s why I chose Phoenix.

Erika: Tessa Gray (Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare)

When a certain person died, I internally died too. TOO MUCH. Just thinking about this makes me break down. This series has a special place in my heart. 


Jessica: Feyre (A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas)

Oh my gosh, Feyre!!!! When the description was “badass tomboy” her name popped into my head in a flash. She’s just so much like Arya!!! While her sisters worry about what dress they should wear, and what hairstyle would best match it, she’s out in the forest hunting with her bow and arrow — not caring at all what she looked like — because she only cared about whether or not what she was wearing would keep her warm, fast, and camouflaged. She trained herself to kill and fight because that’s just the kind of girl she is.

Erika: This one goes to Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins) for sure. She doesn’t like fancy clothes and she’s killer with the bow and arrow.

What is up with girls with bows and arrows? Aren’t they the awesome-est?! This is the reason why I want to learn to use one!!!


[a character who seems nice/beautiful but actually really evil]

Jessica: Kaiden Rowe (Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins)

Don’t freak out!!! I’m not saying that Kaiden is a disgusting monster like Ramsey is, okay? Now that, that’s cleared up, let me explain why I chose our beautiful Kaiden Rowe to be compared to a Venus flytrap. With Kaiden being the son of the demon of lust and all, he definitely knows how to lure in unsuspecting victims with just one look (though who would mind being his victim to be honest?), he knows what to do and what to say in order to get you hooked on him — and I mean HOOKED — like girls seriously obsess over him and don’t really care if he’s being a douche or not, of course his godlike looks could also be the reason for that. He’s just one of those people whom you only meet/see once but just can’t get out of your system. So, no, he does not have the same personality as Ramsey but they are both definitely their own version of a Venus flytrap.

*I would want to be trapped in Kaiden’s Venus any day, any time and any place.*

Erika: Darkling (Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo)

Come on guys, who didn’t fall in love with the Darkling? Who didn’t fall for his charms? *points to self* not this girl.The moment he opened his freaking mouth, it was game over for me. Okay, more like a knock out. I was his. 


[a character who had a bad life changing experience]

Jessica: Day (Legend by Marie Lu)

Again, DON’T FREAK OUT!!! Day and Theon do not have the same personality, characteristics, and looks (DUH). I did not choose Day because of any one of those things, I chose Day because he is a broken soul just like Theon is. He had to watch his family die, starve, and fight each other. He more than did his best to help them, he received a perfect score on the exam the government made him take, but all the hardship he went through still wasn’t enough. They experimented on him, tried to kill him, and treated him like he wasn’t even human. They hunted him down and anyone who would get in their way. He loved and lost so many times. Even with his heart of gold he still felt that he was not worthy of anything good. He is a broken soul but he is also the brightest and purest soul. He just needed a little push in the right direction to realize that.

*Nice save Jessy, I was ready to react very violently but very good point!!! Especially in Champion….*

Erika: Miles Archer (Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover)

Isn’t what happened to Theon the most horrible thing ever?! I mean, yeah, he did some evil things but he doesn’t deserve what happened to him…. I hate Ramsey with a freaking fury. 

Miles definitely is a broken soul. Because of what he did in the past, he didn’t think he deserves love. (his past is super heartbreaking) So he starts this sex only kind of thing with a girl. He says that it’s just sex but it isn’t and it’s obvious. His broken soul can be mended (even though he thinks it can’t) and will be mended by Tate. Try this book out!


[a character that will do absolutely anything to get what she/he wants]

Jessica: Mara Queen of Under (Falling Under by Gwen Hayes)

I chose Mara because she fits perfectly into the category of Black Widow! Also because she and Xerxes are practically twins. Mara is the Queen of Under (basically the underworld or hell). She is gorgeous, ruthless, conniving, manipulative, and of course she will eat you alive once you are no longer of any use to her. Though she’d probably eat you alive just for entertainment too. Her son is important to her, but being evil and all…she can get quite controlling and reckless when he doesn’t live up to her expectations (meaning she would lose it if he didn’t act ruthlessly like a prince of the underworld should). Hey, a moms gotta do, what a moms gotta do right? She won’t let anyone take her crown and she makes sure that she is always on top — anyone that gets in her way is considered dead.

Erika: Amy (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn)

I haven’t read the book but I did watch the movie. She is evil and conniving. She is very scary. I’d watch for her. I feel so sorry for the husband…


Jessica: Nathaniel (Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton)

It honestly took me awhile to decide who I wanted to represent Sam. While I was scanning through my books to jog my memory, I spotted angelfire and BOOM! Nathaniel’s name popped into my head because Sam may or may not be Nathaniel’s spirit animal. He loves to read books and is practically a walking encyclopedia! Whenever someone needed to know something quick they would go to Nathaniel. If they needed to do research, they’d ask Nathaniel for help and trust me when I say that he NEVER FAILS. Not only does Nathaniel have the brains but he also happens to know how to kick ass just like our very own Sam. So, NEVER underestimate a book lover! (Unless you want your ass kicked) *winks*

Erika: Lane (Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider)

He loves to study all the time which makes him so endearing. I love Sadie and Lane. They deserve each other. *cries a bucket load of tears*


[a character that does whatever it takes to keep his/her promise]

Jessica: Lincoln (Embrace by Jessica Shirvington)

The moment I saw the words “oath keeper” I was literally like “OH MY GOSH. LINCOLN. LINCOLN. LINCOLN. LINCOLN!!!” He is perfect for this one!!! I mean seriously, he was defined as loyal to the point of sacrificing his own life for you. He reminds me so much of Brienne! He would fight to the death to defend the ones he cared about. He never broke an oath no matter how painful it would be for him and he would travel the world (literally!!!) to find you and keep you safe at his side. I don’t know why you’d want to be away from him to begin with though because he’s SO FREAKING HOT. Getting back to the point though, it’s just in Lincoln’s blood to be loyal and protective — much like Brienne of Tarth

Erika: Mr. Kadam (Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck)

He made a promise to the parents of Ren and Kishan that he will take care of them no matter what (like taking care of actual Tigers) He did that. Love this guy! If you haven’t read this book, pls do. It’s is amazing!!!!!


[a character who is very kind on the outside but has some kind of ulterior motive]

Jessica: Nehemiya (Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas)

Nehemiya Oh Nehemiya…so sweet and beautiful. She could never hurt a fly — much less a person, right? WRONG! Nehemiya and Marjorie are soul sisters! Both so smart and cunning. Nehemiya could use that pretty face of hers to make anyone eat from the palm of her hand! Being the Princess, you’d think she’d be snobby and stuck up but nope! Total opposite, actually. She would go out into battle if it meant that she could save her people or someone that she held close to her heart. Just like Marjorie, she is always one step ahead — thinking of ways to make you fall to your knees. Cunning sweethearts are possibly the worst kind of enemy to make because you could be looking at them giving you that sweet sweet smile of theirs and by the time you realize something is wrong…it’ll be too late.

Erika: We have Ms. Celeste (The Selection by Kiera Cass)

Everybody thought she was this kind girl but nooooo she was out to get every single one of the 34 Selected. Well, it didn’t work Celeste. Sorry not sorry. (Well kinda sorry how it ended…)


[a character who is very witty/smart but is an outsider]

Jessica: Jeffrey (Unearthly by Cynthia Hand)

Jeffrey reminds me so much of Tyrion because of how little attention he received from his family. All the attention would always go to his older sister even if they had the same gifts. No one would ever think about how he was doing…and that’s the reason why he unknowingly joined the dark side. He became the black sheep. He rejected his family and their help, decided to leave, and then ended up at the enemy’s doorstep. Although, unlike Tyrion, he ended up setting things right. He chose what he thought was for the best. He became stronger and wiser. So in the end, I guess he showed that being the black sheep isn’t always so bad. I’m sure Tyrion would agree with that!

Erika: Paul Markov (A Thousand Pieces of You)

Though he isn’t bullied so much like Tyrion, Paul doesn’t really have a family but he grew up in Marguerite’s household. Her parents are physicists and Paul is their top student. But he becomes a “black sheep” the moment he steals, their most prized possession which is the Firebird (a time travelling kind of thing) But did he really? *wink wink* But at the end of the day, he will always feel like a black sheep because he has no family but he has Marguerite so thank God for that! 

PS: Paul, if you ever need a family. I am here. You are very welcome in our house. Stay as long as you want. Stay forever. 


Jessica: Aedion (Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas)

Aedion is the most misunderstood bad boy of them all!!! People would see him and run the other way because of how ruthless and vicious he is. He is the definition of bad boy! He has the good looks — no wait FREAKING AMAZING GORGEOUS LOOKS, talent, HOT BODY, brains, badass swagger, combat skills (when I say combat skills, I mean WOAH. He doesn’t even need a weapon to kick someone’s ass), need I say more? He’d slay anyone, any day, any time…or would he? Plot twist!!! Just like Jamie, Aedion is known well for the people he has killed and the things he has done to get to where he is now but what people don’t know is how soft his heart truly is. He may be able to kill without flinching if he wanted to but only if it were to protect those he loved and if it was the right thing to do. He keeps up his bad boy image because he HAS TO. He is sweet, thoughtful, kind, the works! And that my fellow book lovers is why I chose Aedion as my misunderstood bad boy.

Erika: Daemon Black (Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

From the start, Deamon hates on Katy. He acts really snobbish and rude and very protective of her sister who hangs with Katy. (Obviously, he is just jealous because he is the one that wants to hang out with her.) But the moment everything is revealed, Oh My Goodness is he perfect. He will do anything for you when he loves you. 

*begs love from Daemon*

Thanks so much for joining us today, Jessy!

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8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Book Tag

  1. Josephine says:

    I’d have to agree with Celaena, simply because I know her better than I know Juliette. Celaena is the ULTIMATE badass, beautiful and deadly fictional female I have ever read!
    Oh no.. Someone close to Tesaa died? Oh no. I’ve only read Clockwork Angel so far but I’m on my way to reading the rest of the series!
    I agree with your Arya choices. Feyre and Katniss are so badass. Seriously, what IS it with girls with serious bow and arrow skills?!
    Miles is truly a broken soul, my heart broke for him so hard!
    AEDION. He is my ultimate love and definitely a misunderstood bad boy. I honestly loved him from the beginning. And when we realised his true motives and feelings, that’s when he literally broke my walls down with explosives. I love Aedion so freaking much!!
    I loved this tag. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • partnersinbooks says:

      Celaena is pretty bad ass! You will meet the bad ass Juliette soon! 😉 OMG so sorry about the Tessa thing. I made it as vague as possible…. I’m actually looking for a school where I can enroll and a forest where I can practice lol (but I’m kinda serious) You love Coho too???? Which one is your fav?! Jessica and my sister won’t stop raving about Heir of Fire and ACOTAR. They love it so damn much. Thanks so much for reading it! And if you feel like it, you can do it too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Josephine says:

        I’ve only read one book of Colleen Hoover’s which is Ugly Love! But I LOVED it so much.
        I think Jessica, your sister and I would have a lengthy fangirl session for Heir of Fire and ACOTAR, most definitely.
        Thank you! xoxo


      • partnersinbooks says:

        You should definitely try Maybe Someday! It is my favorite from her. Then try Slammed series. HAVE YOU SEEN THE UGLY LOVE TEASER?! The guy playing Miles is just *heart eyes times a million* HOT. Yes, you will. For sure. BTW, planning to binge read ToG before Queen of Shadows comes out!!!! I definitely know who to come to! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Josephine says:

        I recently read a review of someone who really did not enjoy Maybe Someday. However that will not stop me from reading both those books!
        OH MY GOSH YES. The actor for Miles is honestly perfection.. What is his name again? NICK BATEMAN right?!
        YAY! I bet you’ll be dying to read Queen of Shadows by the time you finish binge reading the series!!! The series is still fresh in my mind after all these months but i think I will reread Heir of Fire…

        Liked by 1 person

      • partnersinbooks says:

        YES. Please don’t let it stop you. It really is amazing!!!! What’s really cool about Maybe Someday is the fact that it has an album with it. Like the songs written in the book are actual recorded songs. The songs are really really good!!!
        YES. He redefined perfection. Have you seen his Insta account?! I seriously died and went to heaven. How can a human being look that perfect?! *dreamy sigh*
        YEAH, I feel like I’m going to be in a book hangover after. I’M VERY EXCITED. You should read Heir of Fire so it would be even more fresh on your mind. lol and the wait will be more torturous!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Josephine says:

        I love when books come with an accompanying soundtrack, oh gosh.
        YES! His intsagram melted me to my core, oh gosh. Just like Tate would have said, I was a liquid when I saw him.
        I still have The Assassin’s Blade (the novellas) to read before the book comes out so I will read that and Heir of Fire too! xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

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